Support your security mission by applying a historical context when you calculate threats to your assets. You have no excuse not to. You know that attack anniversaries carry increased danger. Follow the below instructions to import the dates into your calendar.


Final Product (on Your iPhone)

Final Product (on Your iPhone)

How to Import the Calendar

Step 1: Download .ICS Calendar File - CLICK HERE

Step 2: Import file into your calendar

For (Apple) iCAL follow these instructions:
Note: The import process is faster and easier if you do it on your mac. Once it's on your mac, iCloud will update the calendar on your iPhone!
(1) Create a new calendar for the events; example: “EP Attk Cal”
(2) Choose File > Import.
(3) Select the EP Nexus .ICS File, then click Import.
(4) Choose the calendar to add the events to, “EP Attk Cal”

For Outlook follow these instructions:
(1) Click on the File > Open > Import.
(2) Highlight "Import an iCalendar (.ics)" and click Next.
(3) Choose EP Nexus .ICS File which you saved to your desktop, then Click on OK.
(4) Once the file is chosen, the data will import to “Open as New” or “Import.”
*When the “Open as New” option is chosen, the file will open as a separate Calendar in addition your Personal Exchange Calendar.
Click the “Import” option to add the data to your Personal Exchange calendar.

For Gmail follow these instructions:
(1) Open Google Calendar on a computer. Note: You can only import from a computer, not a phone or tablet.
(2) In the top right, click Settings > Settings.
(3) Open the Calendars tab.
(4) Click Import calendar between the "My calendars" and "Other Calendars" sections.
(5) Click Choose File and select the EP Nexus .ICS File
(6) Choose which calendar to add the imported events to. By default, events will be imported into your primary calendar.
(7) Click Import.