Executive Protection Resources

Find articles, books, publications, websites, and more for the following sub-fields related to executive protection. These are being continuously updated. Currently, the "Threat Assessment" section is the most developed. The other sections are a work in progress.

Threat Assessment & Workplace Violence

Here, you can access a ton of free writings and resources that have been recommend by members of the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals (ATAP), ASIS, and others.

Travel Intelligence

Travel intelligence is less complicated than you think. Here is a quick reference that you'll find useful, and don't forget to check out the reading list with all its free PDFs!
*Travel Intelligence Reading List

Executive Protection

If you learn from the mistakes and successes of the smartest people in the executive protection industry, you're on the path to success. Here's a selection of free and paid resources to help you.
*Executive Protection Reading List

Computer Science

I'm convinced that having a basic understanding of computer science is and will be of great value to security professionals. Even if you have no interest, I recommend that you watch this free (introductory) lecture series from Harvard University.

Physical Security

You don't need to shell out hundreds for a stack of ASIS books to begin your education about physical security. You can easily get started with free resources and other books recommended by security professionals.

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