Executive Protection Hacks

EP Hacks is a medium for executive protection professionals to tackle complex issues and share ideas with their peers. My mission is to build a collection of invaluable resources–challenging the individual executive protection professional to develop and improve upon their skill set.

In each issue of EP Hacks, my contributors and I will tackle a single topic that impacts executive protection professionals, providing the reader with practical tools & knowledge that they can apply this minute. My first issue is "Travel Intelligence Hacks."

Would you like to be a contributor to future issues of EP Hacks?

I am actively seeking contributors for future issues of EP Hacks. I am not a subject matter expert on the majority of topics that will be covered in EP Hacks, so I will be relying on expert contributors that want to be part of the cause of improving the tradecraft of our executive protection peers.

You can contact me at Lishok@epnexus.com to collaborate and produce future issues of EP Hacks. You assist with the content, I’ll do all the graphics work, and contribute content where I can. And since you’re being generous with your time, it would of course be appropriate for you to plug your own business, projects, services, etc.


Travis Lishok
Creative Director
EP Nexus - Executive Protection Blog