What Security Consultants Need to Know About Professional Recruiters

I've been on a mission to broaden the type of content that I publish on EP Nexus, and this latest audio dialogue is a perfect fit. Prior to recording this, I had minimal knowledge about the recruiting industry and how recruiters support security consultants.

Recently, I had the opportunity to speak with the Vice President of a recruiting firm involved in recruiting security consultants for the architecture & engineering industry. Like many of our readers, prior to this dialogue I could not give quality answers about what recruiters look for in asset protection professionals, how they support candidates throughout the interview process, or how candidates can evaluate recruiters who approach them–All of which (and more) is answered in this 60-minute dialogue.


In this conversation, I was joined by Jesse James Olinger, Sr. and Ilya Umanskiy PSP, RAMCAP, MA. Jesse is an experienced recruiter, and he is currently the Vice President of AE Concepts, a recruitment firm based in Orlando, Florida. Jesse has been involved in recruiting since 2004, prior to which, he worked as a mechanical engineer for Lockheed Martin / NASA.

My second guest, Ilya, is an experienced security consultant with nearly 20 years’ experience in asset protection. Ilya brings balance and perspective to this conversation, as he has first-hand experience working with recruiters. Currently, Ilya works as a security consultant and he mentors aspiring asset protection professionals through one of his growing projects, Sphere State. Previously, Ilya has worked for Prudential Financial and Kroll, supporting various security programs globally.

Topics Covered

  • What does Jesse's role as a recruiter entail?

  • What is Jesse's advice to candidates, for evaluating recruiters?

  • How does Jesse work with candidates to enable them before, during, and after interviews?

  • What misconceptions do candidates generally have about recruiters?

  • What does Jesse look for in asset protection candidates (professional skills and otherwise)?

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Show Notes & Resources

“Resources for Focused Learning” by Ilya Umanskiy

  • What are Revit and AutoCad? - Product Snapshot

  • Professional development considerations for security consulting professionals:

    • Those involved at the partner level (business development, profit/loss, etc.) may benefit most from MBA and similar programs.

    • Those who execute work, may benefit most from technical education–whether certification or advance degree programs in project management (example: PMP), communication, design, engineering, etc.

  • Product knowledge plays a huge role in one's ability to support client companies, and it is mostly a result of self-study.

  • "Alphabet Soup" Candidates - Recruiters tend to look for (among other things) those candidates that have demonstrated their commitment to professional development by amassing a range of certifications...thus making their professional titles resemble alphabet soup.

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