What is "Executive Protection Hacks?"

EP Hacks is a medium for executive protection professionals to tackle complex issues and share ideas with their peers.

My mission is to build a collection of invaluable resources–challenging the individual executive protection professional to develop and improve upon their skill set.

What’s your problem?

EP Hacks addresses a problem in executive protection:

Although there are 1,000’s of well-written articles about executive protection online, they are scattered over 100’s of sites, LinkedIn profiles, and so on.

The only sources of organized content about executive protection, are the handful of books written about the subject. The problem with these books is that they are (generally speaking) re-purposed content, slightly updated since the day they were written. (SORRY!)

Another shortcoming of these books is their lack of interactivity. What tools did you take away from the last book you read about executive protection? Was there a diagram, an xls document, a formula, a template?

In each issue of EP Hacks, my contributors and I will tackle a single topic that impacts executive protection professionals, providing the reader with practical tools & knowledge that they can apply this minute.

I am actively seeking contributors for future issues of EP Hacks.

I am not a subject matter expert on the majority of topics that will be covered in EP Hacks, so I will be relying on expert contributors that want to be part of the cause of improving the tradecraft of our executive protection peers.

You can contact me here (Lishok@epnexus.com) to collaborate and produce future issues of EP Hacks. You assist with the content, I’ll do all the graphics work, and contribute content where I can. And since you’re being generous with your time, it would of course be appropriate for you to plug your own business, projects, services, etc.

I look forward to working with you on our future projects!

About This Issue: "Travel Intelligence Hacks"

If there is one thing that I know, it’s travel intelligence.

This issue of EP Hacks is the product of my boiling down the process and key ideas involved in producing quality travel intelligence for an executive protection program.

By travel intelligence, I mean all things that should be known in advance of the principal traveling domestically or internationally.

Furthermore, travel intelligence seeks to make judgements about the future, interpret problems, support key personnel, and it has the principal’s interests as the guiding factor.

If I had this issue of EP Hacks in my possession a few years ago, it would have made my job much easier. I hope you find the information, tools, and techniques in this issue as useful as I have.

I suspect that a complete novice armed with “Travel Intelligence Hacks” could make great contributions to an executive protection program. And even for the experienced analyst, it will serve as a valuable refresher.


Happy Hacking!

Travis Lishok
Creative Director
EP Nexus - Executive Protection Blog