The Ultimate Travel Intelligence Mind Map for Executive Protection Analysts

The Travel Intelligence Mind Map is a framework for the analyst. It gives them a systematic process to tackle the ambiguous task of producing travel intelligence.

I have broken down the mind map into three sections: General, Macro-Level, and Micro-Level.

General encompasses the most basic information about the location, such as entry requirements, immunizations, infrastructure, and crime & safety.

The Macro-Level includes that information that you would learn from the US State Department, OSAC, iJET, Stratfor, and the home country’s government. This phase of the process begins to reveal the larger concerns that a security team will have to navigate: social unrest, terror threats, crime against US citizens, industrial espionage, and more.

Our process concludes with the Mirco-Level. During this phase, the analyst drills down on what all the research means to their specific mission, such as...

  • They corroborate the information from the Macro-Level sources by reading local and international reports.

  • They identify every destination on the principal’s itinerary that may be subject to increased risk.

  • They know where civil unrest usually occurs and when scheduled strikes/protests will occur.

  • They explore how changing weather conditions could impact the client’s travel.
    (We’re not just worried about the principal being assassinated & kidnapped. If it’s typhoon season, or wildfire season, then these are pertinent details!)

This is not an exhaustive list. It’s just a guide. But it’s a damn good one, and I encourage you to create your own–one that’s specific to your operation.

On to the diagram…



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