Executive Protection Hacks: Travel Intelligence Challenge


(NOTE: This is an abbreviated excerpt from "Travel Intelligence Hacks." Download the full article & 24 page PDF here)


I have a challenge for junior analysts and novice students of travel intelligence. Experts need not apply.

If you produce your own report (following the guidelines in this PDF) based on real locations, for a specific time period, for a specific high-net-worth traveler, and email it to me…

Provided that it is up to our (your and my) standards, I will mail you a physical certificate for completing my challenge AND I’ll enter you into a drawing to attend my in-person, 2-day Travel Intelligence Hacks training FOR FREE.


  • Must follow a logical structure and the general guidelines from this PDF
  • >1200 words
  • >15 sources cited
  • When you email me the final report, please list the two biggest challenges you faced in completing it


As an example, you could write me a travel intelligence report for the CEO of Goldman Sachs, flying from his home town to the Goldman Sachs’ Shanghai office. You can practice your OSINT research skills as part of this. Or you can write a travel intelligence report for President Trump on his upcoming international trip.

The sky’s the limit, use your imagination.

Only 1/2 of 1% of the readers reading this will complete this challenge.

Do you have what it takes to be one of them?

Submit your report here: Lishok@epnexus.com

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Best of luck!

Travis Lishok
Creative Director
EP Nexus - Executive Protection Blog