Executive Protection: Estate Security Threat Landscape

(NOTE: This is an abbreviated excerpt from "Estate Security Hacks." Want to download the full article & 21-page PDF? — Click Here

This is the introductory article for my new series about estate security: Estate Security Hacks.

In the last issue of “Executive Protection Hacks,” I provided a simplified framework for approaching the topic of travel intelligence, highlighting ideas and tools for the reader to use in his or her role as an executive protection analyst.

Estate Security Hacks: Preface

Before you read on, there is an important theme for you to take note of.

In this collection of articles, it is not my intention to tell readers how to run their residential/estate security programs. They can read Corporate Executive Protection by Christian West and Brian Jantzen for that. Furthermore, there is already a ton of literature about residential security out there from authors like R.L. Oatman–in these particular writings, I'm touching on subjects that haven't received much attention

My intention is to highlight factors that I think are especially relevant for the individual security professionals that staff those estate security programs. This is written with them in mind, less so their managers or their manager's managers (although they'd still get something out of it!). That brings up a challenge in itself: getting a guy or gal working 60 hours a week to seek professional development, and the right professional development.

Estate Security Hacks: Introduction

Defining Terms: What is Estate Security?

In the context of this collection of writings, “estate security” refers broadly to a type of security program implemented at the residence of a public figure/ultra high net-worth individual, specifically the type that is operated by professionals (not “guards”) 24/7, and including an operation center (GSOC).

This would exclude a $10/hr guard standing at a gate, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t use this material to conduct themselves like their $30/hr counterpart.

Working in estate security (especially with a 24hr GSOC) can be one of the most difficult tasks there is in executive protection. Once you’re done laughing at that statement, consider the range of possible issues that can go wrong in any instant (see diagram).

This isn’t meant to be an exhaustive list, it’s only a visual depiction of the issues that an estate security professional may face.

This isn’t meant to be an exhaustive list, it’s only a visual depiction of the issues that an estate security professional may face.

And then to compound matters, a simple mistake may cost you your job…criminal darts past Camera #999 as you’re on the phone assisting your team member… Andddd you’re fired.

Reading this list is one thing. Having a plan for addressing several variations of each issue is the hard part.

What am I supposed to do with this?

Skim through this list in the diagram, and then delete it. Next, make your own improved and tailored list for your operation. Hell, these would also be great interview questions when you’re searching for your next estate security officer:

“If the domestic staff notify you that the principal was found unconscious in the living room, how do you respond?”

"What features are characteristic of a package/letter bomb, and how would you address receiving such a package?"

So far we’ve discussed only problems, the next articles get to the solutions...Stay tuned

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