Executive Protection, Estate Security Hacks?

*This is a continuation of my “executive protection hacks” series, where I write a collection of articles on a single topic (this time estate security, last time it was travel intelligence), then combine all of them in a single PDF. Download the new PDF here.

Why Estate Security?

I started writing this series of articles on estate security about 9 months before compiling and designing this PDF (procrastination’s a real...challenge). I honestly didn’t think it would get much traction because we don’t think of estate security as being particularly “sexy,” but my contributors and I can add value to the conversation and it’s something I’m quite familiar with. Also, I’ve noticed more chatter/content online about estate security recently – and I think that’s great!

Many of our peers associate estate security with the lower rungs of the executive protection / asset protection ladder (and in some cases that’s justified, if you’re paying them a low-ball hourly rate – you get what you pay for). Although estate security may be where many junior security professionals get their start, this does not diminish the critical nature of that type of work:

After all, where do your clients spend a significant amount of time?

At what location is their presence predictable?

And based on the data available to us, how would you rate the likelihood of a client being inconvenienced, embarrassed, or aggressed against near their driveway (vehicle) and the choke point at the end of their street?

That’s why it’s a job for security professionals. Not neanderthals, and not gung-ho yahoos.

About This Issue

This PDF is made up of 8 articles, and they are all brief & to the point, with no fluff. You’ll get some valuable insight from them – no doubt. A range of topics are addressed here, to include estate security threat landscape, physical security, counter-drone tech, security questioning, customer service, and more.

I am super grateful to feature two detailed pieces from subject matter expert, contributors. Meb West (MA, CPP, CSS) & Jenny West and Larry D. Friese, Jr. provided great insights into the topics of physical security and drone threats/countermeasures (respectively). Across all media (not just security) there’s a lack of long-form content, and both of these pieces fill that void and add much needed insight to the conversation.

Big “thank you” to Meb & Jenny (Seven Spears Security International, LLC) and Larry (Aerial Information Systems Corporation)! And big “thank you” to the EP Nexus readers that consume, share, comment on, and otherwise support projects like this.

Thanks for reading! And feel free to reach out to me anytime by DM on my social channels.



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