Unorthodoxy & Professional Development in Executive Protection

What if your team members took tech courses on so that they wouldn’t need to call IT every time something in the operation center went haywire?

Or what if they took a cyber security course from UC Berkley, so that they could properly handle sensitive company data?

No, it’s not as sexy a J-Turns or tap-rack-bang. And it doesn’t cost 1,000’s of dollars.

My purpose with this post is to highlight less conventional routes for executive protection professionals to pursue professional development.

Two Routes: Paid & Free

On one hand, we have paid (very affordable) services such as Lynda, SkillShare, Udemy, and more. Each of these services offers a list of courses for the user to develop their professional skills in any of the following areas: cyber security, information technology, specific computer programs, communication, leadership, project management, sales, marketing, and much more.

Next, we have university level courses, known as massive open online courses (MOOC), which are offered for free, online, to anyone with an internet connection and some discipline. These are sometimes referred to as “open courseware.” They are offered by Ivy League schools and some of the top UC’s in California.

But who would recognize such course work?

For MOOC courses, these are recognized (and promoted) by organizations such as Google, Amazon, Mercedes-Benz, IBM, GE, Walmart, Adobe, AT&T, and others.

For the paid services such as Lynda, these are gaining more traction as resume boosters in many organizations. Plus, you could potentially use these courses as a starting point for earning other certificates or degrees relevant to your area of specialty.

What Universities Participate in MOOCs?

Universities that participate in making their courses available for free include the following: MIT, Harvard, Stanford, UC Berkley, UC Irvine, UC San Diego, and many more.

Here are three examples of courses that would specifically benefit those of us in the field of executive protection:

Terrorism and Counterterrorism: An Introduction -

Cyber Security Basics: A Hands-on Approach -

Introduction to Computer Science -

Getting Started With MOOCs

These courses are best discovered through the following search tools, which will search for courses relating to your key words, across a collection of university websites.

Getting Started With Paid Services

Each of these paid services has all of its courses neatly categorized by topic, for you to explore before you buy anything. Of these three, Lynda is the most well known and widely used. For that reason, they also charge the most money. However, I have taken courses on Udemy and SkillShare, without any disappointment.

Examples of Courses Worth Considering


  • Cyber Security
  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • MS Office Programs


  • Entrepreneurship/Consulting
  • Microsoft and Apple Programs
  • Marketing
  • Personal Development


  • Various Business & Technology Courses

Cost Breakdown

Lynda - ($19.99 - $29.99/Month) -
Udemy - (Pay Per Course - Average Cost $20 - $40) -
SkillShare - ($12/Month) -

*I do not have affiliate partnerships with any of the paid services mentioned here. However, I have used each of them personally (Lynda, SkillShare, and Udemy).

Similar sites worth visiting

(Free/Less Professional)

Thank you for reading.
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