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Take remarkable security or executive protection concepts that we hold in high regard – MOSAIC (threat assessment system), iJET,, or the Advance/Odin apps – any one of these could have been created by one of the readers of this blog. None of these ideas or systems are earth-shattering.

So why didn’t you create them? And why aren’t more of us doing remarkable things in executive protection?

Devil’s Advocate: So much of executive protection is repetitive tasks that do not add up to anything.
→Counter Argument: All of these repetitive tasks add up to the goal of keeping the principal safe. Keeping the principal safe, protecting their reputation, saving them time (and money), are all overarching objectives that can be quantified.
Devil’s Advocate: But what do you have to show for it? Is there anything tangible? After 70 hours a week, what do you have other than a good pay check, a mortgage, a car lease, and a wife that wishes you’d spend more time with her (and less time working)?

Why aren’t more of us doing remarkable things?

My point here, is that when we’re mired in the day to day tasks and we’re overworked (yeah, I said it) we are squandering ideas that have the potential to shape the entire executive protection industry. If we fail to stop and reflect in a meaningful way, we will never give birth to these grand ideas.

I am challenging all of my readers to set aside time to reflect this week, to ask yourself this question: What are the two greatest challenges I am facing relating to executive protection, and how can I solve these?

Creating something remarkable is as simple as combing two ideas in a unique way, which others have not.

Take MOSAIC as an example.

MOSIC follows this. It takes the conclusions reached by threat assessment professionals and it assigns values to various events/non-events. THAT’S IT!

MOSAIC serves two purposes for the user (1) It covers their ass; it gives them a quantifiable justification for their assessment/interventions. When the manager or executive asks, “Why did you do this?” They can support their actions with a magical number provided by MOSIC (2) It gives them a second opinion of their situation, using a systematic approach that they have confidence in.

Other examples demonstrating the simplicity of notable security concepts/ideas

  • MOSAIC is a system for giving numerical values for threat assessment questions
  • iJet is a group of quasi political science students writing reports about different countries
  • OSINT Techniques is a grand tutorial for private investigation methods
  • Advance App is a checklist
  • Odin is a rehashing of Friend Finder (iOS App)

(Forgive my gross generalizations: send love mail to my LinkedIn account)

If these ideas are so simple, why haven’t you thought of them? You haven’t thought of them because you work 70 hours a week driving the principal, sitting in vehicles, waiting in lobbies, and meeting with hotel security managers. Where are you going to find time to create the next great security concept? You have to make time. Take a day off, turn off your electronics, and reflect.

More Perspective

One of my favorite Youtube series is a set of lectures examining the lives of great figures of the 20th century (Ghandi, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., the Dahli Lama, etc.). The creator (and narrator) of the videos highlights the faults, mistakes, and character flaws of the subjects of the videos. The point of this is not to discredit these monumental figures, the point is to demonstrate to the viewer that these figures are not divine, perfect, etc. In fact, we are capable of great things, just like them, and we can surpass them.

If you like abstractions as much as me, then I’m leaving you a great statement to ponder. This is from “Thus Spake Zarathustra” (1883), by Friedrich Nietzsche

"Man is something that is to be surpassed.  What have ye done to surpass man?
     All beings hitherto have created something beyond themselves; and ye want to be the ebb of that great tide, and would rather go back to the beasts than surpass man?
     What is the ape to man?  A laughing-stock, a thing of shame.  And just the same shall man be to the Superman;  a laughing-stock; a thing of shame."

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