9 Deadly Travel-Health Alerts Executive Protection Analysts Need to Know

As an analyst collecting and producing travel intelligence, you will undoubtedly come across health alerts from iJET, The Center for Disease Control (CDC), The US State Department, and others about a range of ridiculous viruses and illnesses you’ve never heard of.

As an exercise for myself and the reader, I have created a simple chart breaking down the most common and notable illnesses that we should be aware of.

You’re going to see alerts for these, so you might as well know if they’re fatal, if there’s a vaccine, and how to prevent becoming affected.

I have a document to simplify all of this for you:

Chart: 9 Deadly Travel-Health Alerts

Chart: 9 Deadly Travel-Health Alerts

Chart: 9 Deadly Travel-Health Alerts


Save this to your travel intelligence folder, and use it as a reference! It will save you time, and your team will see how knowledgeable (and organized) you are, should you ever have to explain this information.


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