20 Uses for IFTTT in Executive Protection

There are great advantages for using IFTTT, whether you’re a command center dweller, an executive protection team member, or just an analyst.

Uses for IFTTT range from intelligence collection (brand monitoring, key word tracking, social media monitoring, etc.) to personal convenience.

What is IFTTT & How can it be Used in Executive Protection?

"If This Then That" is a free online application that allows the user to automate various functions between different apps & services. These automations are referred to as “recipes,” and their application is limited only by the users' imagination. IFTTT has a desktop and mobile version. The mobile app is simple to use and I recommend downloading it today.

Every Day Use

1. Track Your Work Hours
Use: Easily track your work hours in a Google spreadsheet with the click of a button.

Executive Protection IFTTT 1

Weather/Natural Disaster

2. Notification of NOAA Weather Alert
Use: Instantly get a notification on your phone of weather alerts.

3. Notification if Rain is Expected Tomorrow
Use: Never be caught unprepared for rain.

4. Notification of Earthquake in California
Use: Instantly get a notification of earthquake alerts.

Intelligence Collection

5. Notification if a specific user tweets
Use: We all track people of interest. Maybe it’s the subject of an investigation or the principal’s associates.

6. Email Digest of Tweets From Your Geographic Location
Use: Want a glimpse of twitter activity in your geographic location? Get it in your inbox.

7. Email Me if a specific Facebook Page Posts a New Status
Use: If we need to track activity on a FB page of interest, this makes it simple.

8. Notification of New Posts on a Specific Sub-Reddit
Use: If a subreddit relates to the principal, then we can get instant notifications of new posts.

9. Email of New Posts on a Specific Sub-Reddit
Use: If a subreddit relates to the principal, then we can get instant email notifications of new posts.

Executive Protection IFTTT 2

Key Word Tracking (Insert Principal’s Name)

Use: Get notification whens the principal’s name is used on any of the below services.

10. Track Changes of Article on Wikipedia

11. Track Key Words on Reddit

12. Track Key Words on Craigslist

13. Call Me if My (or the Principal’s) Address is Posted on Craigslist

14. Track Key Words onEbay

Executive Protection IFTTT 3

Email of Significant Stock Price Change

Use: Could a significant change in stock price of the principal’s company impact his or her security? Absolutely! So get notified when there are big swings in the company stock price.

15. Closing Price

16. Up 5%

17. Down 5%

18. Notification of Start of Sporting Event
Use: Never be caught off-guard of a local sporting event throwing a wrench in the principal’s plans. Know when the game starts.

19. Notification of End of Sporting Event
Use: Never be caught off-guard of a local sporting event throwing a wrench in the principal’s plans. Know when the game ends.

*Personal Favorite*
20. Get a Phone Notification Daily, of Your Personal Mantra
Use: For crushing your goals and reaching unknown potential.

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