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About the EP Nexus Blog

Launched in April 2016 as a resource for executive protection professionals, command center gurus, and close protection know-it-alls, this site is quickly becoming an asset for those seeking to quench their thirst for executive protection training & knowledge.

The most popular section on the blog is the growing collection of “Executive Protection Notes,” which are just core-concept breakdowns of the most relevant readings for close protection professionals.

Other topics include: online tools for executive protection pros, open source intelligence investigations (OSINT), threat assessment, protective intelligence, tutorials, and more.

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About Me

Executive Protection Nexus, Author Travis Lishok

Hi, I’m Travis Lishok. I’m from Orange County, California. I have roughly 10 years military and private sector security experience.

In April, 2016 I decided to under take a herculean project: to create the largest & most practical collection of resources for executive protection professionals. The EP Nexus blog is one piece of this puzzle, and there are other ventures that will surface in the future.

How committed am I to this project of building the greatest online-resource for executive protection professionals?

For one, I quit my well-paying, secure, executive protection job (spelled J - O - B). Yes, the one with the matching 401, paid vacay, great medical benefits, and all that bull****.

That's how committed I am!